Marco de Ruiter Bio


Name:     Marco Edward de Ruiter    
Initials:     M.E.        
Date of birth:   19-Nov-71        
Place of birth:   Rotterdam        
Nationality:     Netherlands      
Phone nr mobile:   801-608-4357      
Study:     Time:   Graduated:    
MEAO     1988-1991   yes    
Gouda College, Gouda            
Economics & Sport    1992-1996   yes, College Degree  
Fontys Hogeschool, Tilburg          
Working Experience:            
Profession:     Time:   Name company:  
Financial Department Rabo 1996-1998   Best (Netherlands)  
Teacher Economics   1999-2004   Midden Brabant College, VMBO
Academy director   1999-2009   Willem ll, Tilburg (Netherlands)
Professional soccer Academy          
Technical Director   2009-current Sparta United, Salt Lake City
Region Staff Coach            
US youth soccer   2010   Portland, Oregon  
Olympic Development            
Coach Utah     2009-current Salt Lake City, Utah  
·               Soccer            
·               Tennis            
·               Water Sport          
·               Skiing            
Education Programs:            
·               UEFA A license, all Dutch KNVB coaching courses    
·               DOC Course by NCAA, San Ramon CA, December 2012    
·               3 periods coach soccer camps USA, Total Soccer Academy(1999,2000,2001)
·               General  soccer coaching education (certificate) January 2009    
·               Meeting Congress Professional Coaches Council (certificate) March 2007  
·               Meeting Congress Professional Coaches Council (certificate) October 2006   
·               Meeting Congress Profession Coaches Council (certificate) October 2005  
·               Participant Course Developing Soccer Tactics (certificate) February 2005  
·               Participant Course Mental Coaching (certificate) December 2005   
·               Participant congress of  youth soccer coaching (certificate) Mai 2008  
·               Participant congress of  youth soccer coaching (certificate) Mai 2004  
·               KNVB Academy Directors Meeting (certificate) April 2007    
·               Participant education of youth soccer players (certificate) June 2004  
·               Participant congress Coaches on Tour (certificate) March 2008    
·               Participant coaching staff analysing Euro 2004 (certificate) January 2005  
·               Participant Course training physics by youth players (certificate) 2003  
·               Participant Coaches Congress Las Vegas, march 10-12, 2010 (USSF organised)
2000/2001 National champion Under 15 premier league Netherlands    
2002/2003 National Cup winner Under 19 developmental academy team Willem ll  
2003/2004 National Cup finalist Under 19 developmental academy team Willem ll  
2005/2007 Head coach reserve team Willem ll ere-divisie Netherlands    
2007/2008 Assistant coach Willem ll first team ere-divisie      
2008-2009 Head coach reserve team and under 19 team ere-divisie Netherlands  
·               4 time state cup finalist with the Under 17 and 18    
·               State cup winner under 15 boys        
·               State champion under 15 boys and under 18 boys      
·               Finalist ODP 96 boys regionals in las Vegas      
·               Education youth coaches Sparta United Soccer Club    
All this activities are arranged and licensed by UEFA and KNVB, Dutch soccer vision of youth players.
Board of |Organizations:            
Member of Coaches Council, 1999-2001