Bruce Cuppett Bio


Bruce's philosophy is to develop the kids to be good sports while playing their favorite game, soccer, but to also help them develop tools to become great individuals, which will stay with them the rest of their life. All training sessions are geared around each player being responsible for their belongings and themselves. Handouts are used to help in teaching the rules of the game and acceptable behavior. The handouts coincide with the aspects of the game that are being taught in the sessions. Meetings with parents and players are held to help ensure everybody understands the definition of acceptable behavior on the sidelines. Bruce explains to the kids that referees have a hard job and once they make a call regardless of how we feel about the call, the call is owned by the referee and shall be respected as the law. The kids shake the hands of the referees following the match. Bruce holds a short meeting following all the matches to get the feeling of the players and how they felt about their performance. Bruce does not lose his temper or exhibit poor sportsmanship on the pitch. He leads by example and expects the same from all around him.

Bruce's training sessions follow the progression from simple to more complex. All the games and techniques he teaches are broken down into their fundamental building blocks such that everybody feels successful. Bruce encourages the players to come up with new creative plays or moves and rewards the players by allowing them to demonstrate for the team. Bruce also believes in allowing the players to have goals and to work on those goals throughout the year. Bruce encourages players to touch a ball every day and gives them some ideas to work on.

Bruce is well known throughout the soccer community way outside the bounds of our state. He contributes his time to the development of coaches, education of parents, as well as players throughout the Western United States. Bruce is very involved in Utah's ODP program and encourages his players to watch and participate in ODP. Bruce understands how Utah's showing in ODP is continually getting better every year and he attributes that to our players being exposed to more opportunities starting at a young age.

Bruce is very involved in the education of youth coaches and parents. He believes our players will have more opportunities if we help to give all coaches and parents more tools to aid in the understanding of player development. He is one of the leaders in our state emphasizing the benefits of small-sided games and encouraging our state to adopt that direction which is in concert with many other states within the soccer federation.

Bruce continually brings back new ideas and games from clinics or workshops and currently holds the following licenses: AYSO Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Coaches Licenses, USSF National D license, USSF National C License, USSF National Youth License, USSF Nation Youth Instructor License. Youth soccer is lucky to have Bruce and we thank him for his dedication!