What does it cost to participate in the Academy?

There are a couple of fees involved to participate in the Academy.  Some of them are set fees,  including; Sparta (coaching) fees and uniform costs. Other fees will vary, such as, referee fees, tournament costs and others as determined by each team.  

Here is a breakdown of the set fees:

Annual Sparta Fees (optional payment plans are available)

U7/U8  -  Club Fees - $475

U9/U10  -  Club Fees - $775 

U11/U12 premier - Club Fees - $1,050

U11/U12 non-premier - Club Fees - $825


Uniform Fees   (all costs are approximate as of 05/2017, exact costs will be updated when available) 

U7 - TBD

U8 - TBD

U9 - TBD

U10 - TBD

U11 - TBD

Note: New uniforms are required to be purchased every other year (2017 & 2019)